Q: Does the Investment make sense for someone my age?

A: Having a long term investment strategy is important at any stage in life. Our investors cover all age groups. Many of our investors are already in the retirement stage and find Vanguard MIC to be an effective way to put their assets to work for them.

Q: How do I receive my dividend?

A: Dividends are distributed every quarter. Investors have the choice between re-investing their dividend amounts and maximize on compounding interest or simply receive a dividend cheque.

Q: Can I transfer my current Registered Plan?

A: Yes. We handle all the details for you - our experience staff will provide all the necessary paperwork to complete the transaction.

Q: Do you charge a brokerage fee?

A: No. We do not broker mortgages for a fee. We make sound decisions on lending money based on qualifications and not finder's fees.

Q: Is financing real estate as secure as owning it?

A: While the real estate values may change, investors do not have the same concerns as owners about possible value losses. As long as the financing opportunities are well selected, the return is fixed over the life of the financing.

Q: How will my cash payment be treated for Tax purposes?
A: Mortgage Investment Corporations have a special tax status. The Canada Revenue Agency will deem your income from Vanguard MIC to be dividend interest and tax it accordingly; T5 slips are issued at the end of each calendar year.

Q: Does the possibility of real estate market corrections have an impact on your performance?

A: No. With Vanguard MIC, you're a lender not an owner, and there's really never a 'bad' time to lend money if it is backed by security.


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