Consistent, Secure, Superior Returns

Welcome to Vanguard Mortgage Investment Corporation

VANGUARD MIC rewarding investment performance opportunities for investors, in the lucrative British Columbia real estate market, through our Mortgage Investment Loans.

Investments in Vanguard MIC are qualified for all Canadian Registered Savings and Pension Plans, therefore giving an excellent alternative to fee-driven income options such as stocks or mutual funds.

Since Vanguard MIC pays 100% of its net income to investors, the company has no profit on which to be taxed. This results in above average returns for all investors of Vanguard MIC. All mortgage lending is backed by valuable Canadian real estate security that enables continuous flow of income.

Vanguard is for everyone at any level and for as little as $1,000 you can start investing today!

Our experienced management team provides a strategy of conservative investment performance management while understanding the issues facing investors.

Our knowledge, discretion and sound decisions will assure lower risk and high yielding investment performance backed by real property.

Vanguard Mortgage Investment Corporation is registered as a mortgage broker under the Mortgage Brokers Act of British Columbia and regulated by the Financial Institution Commission, British Columbia Securities Commission and the Canadian Income Tax Act.