Why Invest with Vanguard MIC

For investors looking for residual income with an option for growth, Vanguard is a well managed and diversified MIC. The advantage of our MIC investment is that we are narrowly focused and have minimal overhead costs. Another key feature is that it is a stable investment; rarely is there value fluctuation as the MIC distributes 100% of its net income to investors.

We only invest in British Columbia. In addition to tax advantages, our investment structure has the features that optimize security, growth and income.

Vanguard MIC generates consistent, secure, superior returns to our investors

Vanguard MIC offers attractive and stable returns. Our investment is less volatile compared to mutual funds or stocks and provides consistent quarterly returns

All Vanguard MIC mortgage investments are secured by Canadian Real Estate Properties

Investors will experience a diversified portfolio by the location and type of mortgage, minimizing risk and volatility

Investing with Vanguard MIC does not require an extended lock-in period like other investment vehicles. Investments can be withdrawn when investors provide advance notice

Vanguard MIC has audited Financial Statements prepared annually

We encourage our investors to review fund files and portfolio lists at any time