Our Team has the resources, experience & knowledge

Vanguard Asset Management corporation is responsible for management and day to day activities of Vanguard Mortgage Investment Corporation.

Our mission and priorities are investment security, accountability and transparency for our investors. Vanguard Asset Management has a vast array of experience and knowledge in real estate, construction, financing and management.

Moe Eskandarpour - President and Chief Executive Officer of Vanguard Asset Management and Vanguard Mortgage Investment Corporation. He has over 25 years of accounting experience in a public practice, Moe brings a wealth of practical experience to Vanguard. In recent years, most of his time has been devoted to helping entrepreneurs launch successful businesses around BC. As development manager of high profile residential projects in BC as well as land development projects in Alberta. Moe has accumulated a broad range of experience in real estate and real estate financing.

Jessie Dusangh - Chief Financial Officer of Vanguard Asset Management Corporation and Vanguard Mortgage Investment Corporation. Mr. Dusangh is also a Chartered Professional Accountant engaged in public practice in British Columbia since 1994, and has extensive public accounting experience in the real estate industry.

Henry Yong - Vice-President of Vanguard Asset Management and Vanguard Mortgage Investment Corporation. Since 1993, Henry has been active in residential and commercial real estate. His real estate ventures engaged in real estate transactions with cumulative asset values over $1B over the last 24 years.

Jasmine Beierle - Operations Manager of Vanguard Asset Management Corporation. Ms. Beierle manages the day to day operations of the companies. She has an extensive background in office management, administration and customer relations. Jasmine is also a successful entrepreneur and Professional Organizer.